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Long flights can sometimes get really uncomfortable. Either you get bored or it is just impossible to pass time. Therefore, airplane companies provide some free-to-watch movies and shows. However, there is no unified portal to watch these. Airtime Player is a simplified solution to watch digitally protected content on any flight. Just open the app and connect your phone or laptop to plane’s WiFi. Then access the plane’s portal through browser once, if needed. Otherwise, just open Airtime Player on PC and access all available movies and shows.

Airtime Player for pc

Watch Movies for free on Flights

In order to use Airtime Player app, you must be on a flight. Since most airlines provide free-to-watch content like movies, music and TV shows to their passengers, it is super easy to use. Normally, there is a free portal. Moreover, most of these movies are stored in local storage. This eliminates the possibility of buffering of lagging while playing movies. You get to enjoy any movie or show without interruption.

The interface of Airtime Player is pretty simple. Just open the app and tap on “Access the Portal” button. The portal for accessing movies and shows on a flight is normally under a local web address. This is available only with Plane’s WiFi. Therefore, once connected, open the portal through browser once and then just watch any available content though app.

How to install Airtime Player for PC

Airtime Player is an Android app. Therefore, we require Android Emulator to play Airtime Player for PC. In this case, there is a list of compatible and lightweight emulators that will run Airtime Player on PC. Go though the list HERE and choose one for yourself.

Next up, either install Airtime Player PC via APK or just download it from Play Store. In order to install it with APK, download it from a reliable source and place it anywhere on computer. Then open the installed Emulator. Bluestacks 4 is the best option for it so use it as an example. Open Bluestacks, click on Install APK button. Explore the folders and open the directory with Airtime Player APK in it. Double click on it and it will install automatically. Alternatively, just login with Google account in Bluestacks, open Play Store and search for “Airtime Player”. Now click on Install button next to its icon.

Once Airtime Player is installed, open the main app drawer and click on its icon! That’s it! Those who install Airtime Player APK on PC, need to update it manually whenever a new update hits Play Store. However, the Google users will automatically get all the updates.

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